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  • Druzy Beads

    Date: 2012.09.26 | Category: Druzy Bead Information | Response: 0

    Druzy beads are more like pendants. They are set in a manner that displays the magnificent color and crystal like designs within the beautiful beads. These amazing stones are a result of years of pressure and formation caused by gasses that were trapped as these rocks were being formed and once the rock was solidified, and more minerals were introduced into the rock, crystallizations were formed inside the rock cavity. The colors and crystalline variations are caused by the various minerals present at the formation of the rock. Looking at one of these amazing gems is like looking into a mini universe. Just imagine the time and effort involved in causing this tiny gem that is now here for your enjoyment!

  • Druzy Treatments

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    In the formation of these amazing gems, certain deposits and minerals leave behind a particular hue. The color not only depends on the type of minerals found in the rock, but also the type of minerals that were introduced into the rock. Vapor deposits of metallic elements cause other colors.

  • Druzy in Jewelry

    Date: 2012.09.26 | Category: Druzy Bead Information | Response: 0

    With the increased self-expression in design today, jewelers are finding it fun and exciting to use druzy beads in jewelry. Their intricate details and crystalline appearance make your jewelry to make a statement about yourself. These beads can be matched to make a unified statement or be randomly chosen and set to give a whimsical and light air to your jewelry.